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Nike ACG Trainerendor

nike acg trainerendor

Crossfit junkies, we have a new candidate for your foot gear from Nike, their new Nike ACG Trainerendor. This low profile shoe is another of Nike’s ACG designated shoes designed for all types of weather, perfect for those “work out of the day” moments that put you outside running in the rain or the baking heat. The uppers are made from a water resistant nubuck mesh with a phylon midsole running the entire length of the shoe. The Trainerendor features both a lace tie and a Velcro strap to lock the shoe in place for those pounding workouts. The black upper features a black Nike swoosh that almost disappears into the upper. The shoe’s great look makes it ideal for workouts or wearing out on the town with a pair of jeans.

You can order a pair of the Nike ACG Trainerendor from Flat Spot.

Via HypeBeast