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Nike Air Force 1 Vac Tech

nike air force 1 vac tech

Before you buy these sneakers from Nike you better stop by the Oakley store for some new sunglasses. The Nike Air Force 1 start off their life as a glaringly bright pair of monochrome white shoes. The seamless design lends to the effect of utter brightness. The translucent sole keeps the theme going. Of course, once you get these great looking shoes on your feet things will  change quickly. They will start taking on a life of bumps, abrasions, and marks from your constant wearing. As with all Nike shoes they will be tremendously comfortable and a shoe you always want on your feet. If you want to maintain the glaring white effect you will need to quickly become an expert on cleaning shoes and touching up with white polish. These awesome shoes are the right gear for men who want their feet to shine.