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Nike Free Hyperfeel

nike free hyperfeel

What is the coolest thing about running on beach barefoot? It is that complete feeling of sand beneath your feet, the unimpeded connection between your feet and earth that gives you control and a feeling of connection with nature. The Nike Free Hyperfeel is built with the premise that less can be more. Nike built the shoe to provide you with just what you need. Foot protection, comfort, and feeling. The shoes allow you to feel the road in a way you have never experienced with a pair of shoes. You have traction that is unmatched. Light padding takes the brunt of your run, without taking away the experience of feeling the road. The shoes are light and breathe fresh air to your feet at every step.

You might believe a shoe designed to provide less to give you more would look bad, but as you can see, it is one of Nike’s best looking shoes that provides a new way of running with feeling. The Nike Free Hyperfeel should be hitting stores soon.



Via Nike