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Tim Coppens for Common Projects Shoes

tim coppens for common project 2013

Tim Coppens is a designer real men like. Here is a designer that gets it right. Blacks, grays, whites, comfortable materials, and a masculine style, but this year there is something special that hit the catwalks for Tim Coppens. This year we need to drop our eyes down the the footwear and capture a glimpse of Tim’s new Common Projects shoes. These shoes combine several different material and textures in the uppers to create a dress sneaker with style. The shoes have the comfortable black rubber soles that we enjoy combined with an upper that can be worn with almost any of Tim’s creations or anything in your closet. The classy style is sophisticated enough to wear with a dinner jacket and simple enough to wear with a pair of torn jeans in the park.

Keep an eye on all of Tim Coppens latest designs on his website.

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