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Zuriick Springer Velcro Sneakers

Zuriick Springer Velcro Sneakers

Sneakers have a tendency to always look sporty, but not when they come from the Zuriick Springer line-up.  This high-style and colorful Velcro Sneaker from Zuriick Springer will get heads turning and people asking where you bought them.

The first thing which grabs your attention is the light blue woven cotton canvas uppers.  The startling contrast of the tan velcro closures catches your eye.  The black canvas heel of the shoe adds another element of colorful style.  The white rubber mid-sole blends into the color scheme wonderfully, with is highlighted by Zuriick’s signature purple line on the heel. 

The shoes are designed to be spot cleaned, so not intended to throw through your washing machine.  These great looking Velcro Sneakers are available online for $80.

Can be purchased through Urban Outfitters