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Nyrius Smart Outlet

Just last night I was sitting on the couch watching Netflix and chilling and forgot to turn off my lamp and asked myself if there is such a thing as a smart outlet that connects via bluetooth that would allow me to turn off my lights from

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eCool Beer Cooler Keeps Your Drinks Cool Underground

Who would dare drink cold beer? If you like to keep your beers at the perfect temperature this awesome eCool Beer Cooler might just do the trick. Unlike your typical beer cooler, it does not use any ice, electricity, but rather relies on an older

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How many times have you been in a situation where you would love the ability to quickly move information from your iPhone or iPad to your PC or Mac, without having to do it on the cloud. The iStick is the perfect way to get

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Bolt USB Charger and Backup Battery

Does your phone always go dead at the wrong time. You plug it in each evening and recharge it, but after a day of phone calls, surfing, and watching a few video clips it is dead again. The Bolt USB Charger is not going to

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Fitbit Force Pushing Yourself to Fitness

Motivation and knowledge are two of the key elements to getting fit. Often, we have no idea how much exercise and motion we had during the day. We have no idea how much quality sleep we get at night. The Fitbit Force is a simple

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Porsche Design USB Key by LaCie

When you hear Porsche Design you mind immediately jumps to all the cool gear created with visions of riding in a Porsche. Clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories that scream quality, style, speed, performance. Visions of Porsche cars bring up thoughts of speeds, handling, and even

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Smartphone-to-Smartphone Charging Jumper Cables

What do you do when your car battery is dead in a parking lot? You pull out the jumper cables and grab a little juice from a friendly driver. Have you ever considered if you could do the same thing for your mobile phone? The

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Wireless Dolphin Mouse by Elecom

You were always worried your “mouse” might run away, but now you will have to worry it might swim away, too. The Wireless Dolphin Mouse by Elecom is an effective and cute way to move your pointer around your screen. The tail of the dolphin

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ID America USB Sync Cable

Look on your counter top. How many USB sync cables do you have? You have cables for  your iPhone, your micro-USB devices, and Apple’s new Lightning cable. Why do you need all of these cables when they are all just deviations of USB? That is

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Siva Cycle Atom Power Source

Do you enjoy riding a bike? It is time to put those pumping legs to a secondary purpose. Instead of just getting from point A to point B on your bicycle, you can start charging your phone, a removable battery pack, lights, or other small