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8 Leg USB Octopus

usb octopus

Do you always complain about having enough USB ports? The USB Octopus is going to end that problem in an instant. The Octopus has 8 legs, just like a real octopus. One leg attaches to the USB port of your PC, Mac, or Tablet, the other seven legs are all yours. With this many ports the USB Octopus needs a little power boost if you want to use it to power some devices or to charge your gear, but don’t worry. They include the power adapter in the kit to give you everything  you need.

This small USB Octopus is more flexible than a traditional USB hub, since all 8 legs flex and move to make hooking all your cables up easy. Besides, it looks cool. You can order a USB Octopus online for $9.99 through MeritLine.


Via MeritLine