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Amazing Humidifier

amazing humidifier

How often do you wish the air was just a little more humid? You want that touch of water in the air to knock down pollen, keep your skin moist, and prevent your lips from drying out. How can you take that comfort on the road or to the office easily? You get an Amazing Humidifier. This little humidifier screws onto the top of a standard water bottle and then plugs into a USB port or USB charger. It produce enough moisture to keep your area perfect. The humidifier can run on a 500ml bottle of water for approximately 8 hours. The filters last about 3 months, but they report you can get longer life by removing them when not in use and allowing them to dry thoroughly.

This tiny humidifier is available from Amazon for $34. This is the perfect way to have a humidifier in your hotel room, car, or at your desk.

amazing humidifier

amazing humidifier

Via Amazon and 7Gadgets

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