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Andru Android USB Cell Phone Charger

android robot usb device charger

Tired of boring USB chargers? You know those chargers that come in any color you want, as long as it is black plastic. Andru Android only has one place in his life for black. It is for his beady little robot eyes. This fun USB phone charger is shaped like a tiny robot toy you could win at the pizza place from their coin-operated crane, but this little android is useful.

Plug Andru into the wall, plug in your USB cable and start charging your phone, media player, or hand-held games. Andru can charge any of your USB powered device and look cool doing it. You’ll always know what Andru is thinking, too. When he is busy charging your device his eyes glow a bright blue. When your phone is full, they whites of his eyes are all you see. You can even adjust Andru’s arms and legs to get a special look while he feeds your phone. You can grab your own Andru from Amazon for only $25.

android robot usb device charger

Via Amazon.