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Apotop USB 32 GB Flash Drive

apotop usb

Why in the world do you need another Flash Drive? The 32 GB size is not special? The drive uses USB 2.0, so it does not even make the technology leap to USB 3.0. Why is it cool? This Apotop USB drive is built to look great with an Apple laptop.  The drive use a brushed aluminum body similar to an Apple iMac or other high-quality laptops. The round design snuggles up to the side of the laptpop making it look like an extension to the laptop.

The drive is small with a round body that looks perfect next to your laptop. The 32 GB drive sells for $27.99 through NewEgg. The other thing that caught our eye with Apotop’s flash drive is the drive is waterproof. That gives us a little extra confidence for taking our laptop and memory on the road.

Via NewEgg