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Bedside Phone Charger & Alarm Clock

Bedside Phone Charger and Alarm Hub

Is your bedside stand cluttered with your alarm clock, phones lying on the stand, and wires for chargers running over the top? The DayMaker combination alarm clock and phone charger design from Michael Kritzer may be  the perfect solution. The DayMaker Bedside Phone Charger and Alarm clock may be one of the best iPhone 4 accessories of all time. The toaster design will have you laughing when you see your phone pop up when the alarm goes off.

Speaking of the alarm, the Day Maker does not have a built-in alarm clock, it leverages the alarm function of your iPhone to kick you out of bed. You simply set the alarm on your phone, insert it into the toaster slot, and push the handle down to toast your phone full of electrical power. 

When the phone alarm blasts out the announcement for you to getup the Day Maker will pop-up the phone out of the charging slot ready for action. If you love catching a short nap after the alarm goes off you just push down the toaster lever to set the sleep reminder mode of the phone.

Via Yanko Design