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Best iPhone 4 Case Old School Calculator

Best iPhone 4 Case Old School Calculator

Your iPhone 4G is cutting edge in technology and appearance.  Apple always manages to leave the world chasing their innovative minds.  This old school calculator iPhone 4G case can hide all of that brilliance and take you back to the days of the ultimate nerd.  Add this case to your short list of best iphone 4 case designs. 

Don’t mistake this calculator case for a high end scientific calculator.  Oh no, this is a simple stripped down 10 digit calculator with the most sophisticated function being the square root key.  This is the same old style calculator mom and dad used to figure the bills years ago.

This hard cover case is not just the appearance of an old school calculator, but is the real deal. That makes for a real bizarre twist since the enclosed iPhone has a built-in calculator app many times more powerful.  Of course when all you are wanting to do is figure up your grocery budget or double check the McDonald’s receipt it may be easier to just punch away on your new old school calculator case.

At only $11.99 the Old School Calculator iPhone 4G case may quickly become one of your favorite iPhone 4 accessories.

Via The Fancy purchase from Perpetual Kid