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BlueLounge iPhone 5 Mini Dock

bluelounge iphone 5 mini dock

BlueLounge has just released their highly popular Mini Dock for the iPhone 5. Their Mini Dock for previous versions of the iPhone was a big hit and this one is likely to be an even bigger hit. BlueLounge combines two brilliant ideas to make their dock one of the most popular on the market. The first idea was to leverage your existing iPhone 5 charger to keep the price down. The BlueLounge dock plugs into the USB port on your exist iPhone charger keeping things simple.

The second idea is eliminate cables. The dock lets you plug your iPhone in for recharging and keep it off your desktop, dresser, or table. That leads to less risk of small hands grabbing your phone, or knocking it on the floor. The Mini Dock comes in varieties to fit almost every power plug in the world with prices running from $19.95 to $39.95 depending on the power type. You can order one today through BlueLounge.

bluelounge iphone 5 mini dock

Via BlueLounge