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Camera Table Dolly

camera table dolly

Getting smooth pictures when you want to pan across or follow activity can be hard.  The camera bounces and sways as your move. The Camera Table Dolly is an easy way to get stable motion with your camera at a ridiculously low price, plus it looks cool. The the table top dolly for your camera looks like an oversized roller skate with an arm. The four smooth moving wheels and adjustable arm allow you to easily line up a shot and then roll along with the action without all the bounces you get with hand carrying a camera. Of course this does require a smooth table top or floor to function properly. The adjustable arm can be turned up, down, and rotated or bent into almost any position you would possibly need. Once you have the camera positioned properly you just tighten the handle and prepare for shouting “Action”. The camera table dolly will work with most digital cameras including your iPhone or iPod touch.  You can grab one for only $90 from PhotoJoJo.