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Capta: Stick it, Lean it, Wrap it, Attach it.


capta mount capta

As an early adopter you are faced with many decision – which device to buy first, which accessories and which tripod will you buy to mount it all on. Many tripods limit you to specific handhelds and devices, while others just don’t make the cut at all. Now, with the help of Capta, you are able to buy that tripod that works universally and in harmony with the many different mobile devices you may have.

Capta, Spanish for capture, helps you do just that by placing your portable device in many of those hard to reach places. Made from airplane grade aluminum polished and hard anodized for a strong scratch resistant finish and a proprietary mix of PU materials, you are sure to guarantee, quality and durability.

Pledge here and let’s make this project a reality!