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Carzor Card Shaped Razor and Mirror

carzor card shaped razor mirror

The Carzor Card Shaped Razor and Mirror is one of the coolest gadgets in men’s face care today.  How often have you needed a razor while you are on the go?  Maybe you have an important evening meeting, or hot date, and want to look your best but have no time to run home.  The Carzor Car Razor can save the day.

This amazing razor and mirror stays together as a small card sized item you can safely carry in your pocket until you need to use it. Then you separate the razor from the package which instantly becomes your mirror.  You can get a great shave no matter where you are, as long as you have a little water and soap to soften up your stubborn beard.

The razor is a high-quality triple blade with lubricating strip.  To make it even a little more special you can get is in a variety of scents including mint, sandal, lemon, ocean, and orange. Grabbing one of the best gadgets of all time for facial care will only cost you $12.00, a small investment for a smooth shave before a big date.

Can be purchased on Infmetry