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eCool Beer Cooler Keeps Your Drinks Cool Underground

ecool beer cooler

Who would dare drink cold beer? If you like to keep your beers at the perfect temperature this awesome eCool Beer Cooler might just do the trick. Unlike your typical beer cooler, it does not use any ice, electricity, but rather relies on an older concept for keeping your beer chilled. Have you guessed yet? It chills your beer by keeping it underground.

All that is required for this beer cooler to work its magic is to dig a hole deep enough in the ground to fit the cooler and then you case safely store up to 24 cans in your cooler. A useful hand crank will allow you to pull up new cans of beer, or lower them into the ground for cool keeping.

The temperature of the beers are dependent on your surroundings. If you live in a hot country, chances are the cooler won’t work that well but if you have a coolish climate, this cooler should work wonders!

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Via Ubergizmo