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Filip Smart Watch: GPS Locator, Emergency Beacon, and Child Safety Device

Filip GPS Locator Smart Watch for Kids

Do you get nervous when your kids go out? The take off through the neighbourhood and you lose sight and ease of contact. A cell phone is not the right choice for younger kids, because they will just put it down and leave it behind. The Filip is a revolutionary way to keep touch with your child and give them a way to call for help at any time. The Filip incorporates WiFi, Cellular Technology, and GPS in a colorful wrist watch your kids will love. The GPS along cell and WiFi triangulation allows you to pinpoint your child’s location. The built in cellphone has 5 numbers you preset that your child can call by scrolling and selecting. You can call you kids or just text them it is time to come home for dinner. You can even set a safe zone so the Filip notifies you if they stray too far.

Filip takes safety one step further, too. The Filip can notify emergency services when you child is in trouble and help them locate your child fast. Filip is close to product launch, but official pricing has not been announced.




Via HiC and Filip