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Fitbit Force Pushing Yourself to Fitness

fitbit force

Motivation and knowledge are two of the key elements to getting fit. Often, we have no idea how much exercise and motion we had during the day. We have no idea how much quality sleep we get at night. The Fitbit Force is a simple band you strap onto your wrist that tracks your motion, the steps you take, the stairs you climb, and converts it all into calories burned. If you continue to wear the Fitbit Force while you sleep, it records your sleep time, sleep patterns, and keeps you informed of the amount and quality of your sleep. With this powerful knowledge you can make subtle changes to your life that increase your fitness, improve motivation, and help you drop excess pounds if that is your goal.

All of this magic is done by a simple band the size of a watch and the data wirelesses transferred to your Apple iOS powered device or an Android powered device. Only $129 to take control of your fitness forever.

Via Fitbit