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Fuel, The World’s Smallest Portable Phone Charger

fuel charger

Don’t you hate when you phone goes dead right when you really need it? We all do. Don’t you hate those big portable batteries you have to carry if you want a portable charge? Of course you do! Enter the Fuel – The worlds smallest portable phone charger, another cool project coming to us as a KickStarter project.

This tiny rechargeable battery is just slightly bigger than a quarter, but smaller than your car keys. This portable battery is only 1.3″ tall, .9″ wide, and less than .5″ thick. Finally a charger you can drop in your pants pocket with your change and not worry about it. The charger will give you phone a quick shot of extra power to let you make another 20 minutes of calls on most phones.

You recharge the tiny battery using the include micr0-usb cable with your computer, or using the external power adapater. All of the parts were selected to be as tiny as possible. This charge is not going to replace the need to keep a good car charger and to keep your phone charged up, but the ability to get a few extra minutes of time out of your phone from a battery that is tiny enough to fit in your pocket is amazing.

You can grab one of the first Devotec Fuel Micro Chargers by contributing $15 to their KickStarter project, or choose one of their higher contribution amounts for some cool customization.




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