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Husqvarna Solar Robotic Mower

husqvarna solar robotic mower

Tired of mowing the yard? Would you like to kick back on the deck with a cold drink and watch the yard mow itself? The Husqvarna Solar Robotic Mower changes the way you cut grass. No more push handles. No more gasoline. No more sweat. The mower is powered by a combination of a 120V charging station and auxiliary solar power. You program the mower to cut your yard, without your intervention. It even knows how to find the charging station when the power gets low to recharge itself before returning to work. Your job is to sit back, relax, and enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass. Zero emissions, solar assisted power, and the mower is even built from 90% recycled materials. You cut the green while using one of the greenest machines on the planet.

The Husqvarna Solar Robotic Mower sells for $2,849 through authorized dealers.

Via Husqvarna