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iDapt – i4 Universal Charging Station

idapt-i4 universal charger

Do you have cords flowing and going everywhere on your counter trying to keep all of your phones and hand held devices charged? The iDapt i4 Universal Charging Station can cure the clutter and reclaim your electrical outlets. With the i4 station you can charge three different devices at one time. You can be charging your iPhone, Nintendo DS, GPS, or other devices all at one time. The unit can charge over 4000 different hand held devices and can be expanded for others by ordering optional charging tips.

The charging station is very compact only taking about a 6″ square on your dresser, desk, or countertop. The top of the unit has 3 docking connections for most units. For other devices you can use the built-in USB charging port which comes with 6 different tips. Put iDapt charger on your bedside stand and hook up all your devices before going to sleep. In the morning everything will be ready for a busy day of work or play. The i4 universal charging station costs approximately $50 through Saks Fifth Avenue.