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iPhone 4 Clock Dock Project

iPhone 4 Clock Dock

Necessity is always said to be the mother of invention, but this time is was more forgetfulness and annoyance which led to the creation of the C/Dock iPhone 4 Clock Dock.  The inventor, James Aloysius of Portland Orgeon, liked using his iPhone 4 for his alarm clock but was constantly forgetting the charger in the car, living room, or kitchen.  He finally decided it was time to create a solution.

The C/Dock Clock Dock project was born and you are now seeing the result.  You dock is created out of walnut with either an aluminum or glossy resin face.  You simply setup your iPhone on your favorite alarm clock app, set your alarm, and slide it into the dock for overnight charging and easy viewing. 

This is one of those iPhone 4 accessories which can serve multiple purposes, too.  Do you love watching movies on your iPhone as you drift off to sleep?  Just get them started, slide the iPhone in the C/Dock and lay back to enjoy the show.  The walnut case actually helps your sound resonate a little deeper adding to the theatrical feel.

The C/Dock is a KickStarter Project.  You can pre-order a C/Dock by contributing to the project and being one of the first owners.  You can get one of the glossy resin editions for only $55.

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