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Kickstand Snap Case for the iPhone

iPhone 4 Kickstand Snap Case

Two things are always consistent for your iPhone.  You need a way to protect it and you need a way to stand it up to get your hands free. The Kickstand Snap Case from InCase is one cool solution to taking care of both problems.  The case provides a hardened cover for your iPhone to protect if from bumps and scratches. 

The second function makes it one of the best iPhone 4 cases on the market.  The case provides you with a little “kickstand” for propping up your iPhone in several different positions.  You can stand it up tall in the vertical position for working with your iPhone in a natural position.  In those quiet “sneak a break” moments when you want to watch a video, you can put your iPhone in a horizontal position for widescreen viewing.

When you are finished using the stands, just snap them back in, and drop the iPhone back in your pocket.  This impressive iPhone 4 accessory costs $39.95.

Via Incase Purchase at Incase.