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Klinggon – The Magnetic Earphone Cord Holder


The Klinggon is an eloquently simple solution to the age-old problem of managing your earphone cord. How many times do you get tangled at the gym, on the airplane, or in the car? I know I get tangled everywhere! Thanks to Francisco and Gustavo, the Klinggon is an awesome Kickstarter product that can save you the headache!
They have invented a clever and very neat solution to manage that blasted iPod cable that tends to get caught up in our every day routine. 

With the use of two neodymium magnets, which are commonly used in your computer hard drives and have incredible pull force, the Klinggon will sit securely and tightly on whichever garment it is placed on.

This is a must have accessory if you are active and need a clean and light-weight solution to properly manage your iPod’s or any other mp3 player’s cords. You can pledge today for only $20!

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