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Latest Gadget: Switch Plug Making Electrical Plugs Safer

new gadgets: switch plug

Do you jump a little when you plug or unplug an electrical cord seeing the blue flash and crackling snap of an electrical spark?  Those little sparks are causing by working with a live electrical cord.  The Switch Plug from Jiang GonGlue is an interesting idea in an easy way to solve this issue and to help people turn off the power to their devices consistently.

The design simply adds a tiny switch into the cords plug making it easy to kill the power circuit before your pull the plug.  Even better, for those cords you would prefer to leave plugged in you can still kill the electrical flow saving energy and money. 

new gadgets: switch plug

The Switch Plug prototypes include a tiny LED to indicate whether the switch is on or off.  This can help you determine which plugs still need to be turned off at night.  Think of all the possible applications for these cool gadgets.  It could be used on lamps which are out of the way in a corner, but where the plug is easily accessible.  It could help you turn off the power to an entire rack of electronic gear with just one tiny switch by the outlet.  Hopefully this is a design which finds the way to the store shelves.

Via TechnaBob