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Lightleaf by Valentina Trimani


Having a light with you for reading in the car, a bus stop, or other dark locations is always a hassle. They take up too much room and are not convenient. Valentina Trimani’s new concept for the LightLeaf will be a treasure to readers everywhere. The Lightleaf uses OLED thin light technology to make a light which can be stuffed between the pages of your book like a bookmarker and then light up the night when you are ready to read.┬áThe concept lighting device uses rechargeable batteries hidden inside.

The light intensity is adjustable to allow you to use it for personal reading, or to crank up the power when the electricity flickers off. Imagine the convenience of having this light for those early morning commutes, overnight flights, or even for reading in bed while someone else tries to sleep.

You can follow the progress of Valentina Trimani’s project on his blog.