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Monster Lady Gaga Heartbeats 2.0 Headphones

Monster Lady Gaga Heartbeats 2.0 Headphones

Lady Gaga, Dr. Dre, and Monster have teamed up one more time to bring us the new updated Lady Gaga headphones.  These in ear headphones are designed by Lady Gaga herself and appear to be styled after one of her fabulous spiky outfits. The headphones are available in black with black spikes or white with gold spikes.  Coming from Monster means the headphones use their high quality flat cable which keeps them 100% tangle free.  That is a nice change from the constant untangling of many in-ear headphones. 

The sound quality of the headphones should be excellent since they are coming with a Dr. Dre endorsement.  He never puts his name on an inferior audio product.  The headphones include an inline microphone so you can use them with for online voice chats or phone calls along with listening to great music. The headphones are compatible with iPhones, iPods, and other MP3 players.  The headphone include 6 different styles of ear tips and everything comes bundled in a hard carrying case.

While these may not be the best in ear headphones on the market, they may be one of the coolest.

Via UberGizmo can be bought on Amazon for $129.95