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myIDkey, Secure and Easy Password Storage


You need passwords for everything. The rules keeping getting more complex and everyone keeps warning you not to write them down. How in the world are you supposed to remember dozens of complex passwords and keep the secure? myIDkey is a solution that is solid, reliable, secure, and works.

myIDkey is a USB flash drive, computer, and storage portal that manages all of your passwords. It uses fingerprint activate security to keep your passwords safe. You can add tap sequence security to make sure you do not inadvertently active the key. It even lets you search for passwords by voice. Imagine the convenience when you are inline at an ATM and your mind goes blank. You press your finger against the scanner to unlock, you say the name of the bank, ready the PIN on the LCD screen, and take care of business.

myIDkey started life as a KickStarter project which has now hit 300% funding proving the demand for the product. You can still jump on board and secure your myIDkey for $99.

Via KickStarter