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Never Lose Your Wallet Thanks to the Wallet TrackR

wall trackr

Let’s face is, life gets hectic in the morning and for those of you who are on the run and who are a bit forgetful with your essentials, the Wallet TrackR ($19 USD) by the Santa Barbara, California-based startup called Phone Halo is your go-to gadget. The Wallet TrackR fits snug inside your wallet, just like your credit card would and when combined with the free Wallet TrackR iPhone app, it becomes a powerful homing tool. When your waller TrackR gets separated from your iPhone or iPad, the TrackR app gently alerts you that you may be leaving your wallet behind. This ingenious app also takes a GPS snapshot of where your wallet was located at the moment of separation just in case you might have missed the alert. To locate your wallet, simply tap a button within the app to make your wallet ring. This device is compatible with your iPhone’s, iPad’s, iPad Mini’s, and iPod Touch’s.

Let’s help make this project become a reality by pledging today via Indiegogo.