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Nomad Lightning Cable for iPhone 5 & iPad mini

nomad lightning cable iphone 5

I’ve recently switched from a Blackberry Bold to an iPhone 5 and had to unfortunately learn the hard way, time after time, that I couldn’t leave my house without my charger. Usually, I would be able to rummage through a friend’s drawer at home or at the office and find an iPhone/iPod 30-pin connector cable without a problem, but now with this lightning connector, I am forced to remember to bring my charger everywhere I go. For that reason, we found that this Kickstarter project was on the must donate list for us. The Nomad Lightning Cable for iPhone 5 & iPad mini ($10 USD) is crucial for any new iPhone 5 users. Conceptualized by Chicago product designers Kegan and Roberto, the Nomad Lightning Cable is long enough to fit comfortably on a keychain as well as perfectly fit onto your USB port. Reliable and convenient, the Nomad is a must have!