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NT11 Black Gold Dye Paintball Gun

dye paintball nt11 black gold nt paintball guns

Paintball guns always qualify as one of the best gadgets for guys, but when you take a look at the NT11 Black & Gold Dye Paintball Gun is will quickly move up to being one of the coolest gadgets you have seen.

The first thing which catches your eye is the absolutely cool looking design.  The glistening black and gold gun will give you visions of being on a Sci-Fi search and destroy mission.  Once you start digging into the real technology packed into this paintball gun you will know you have entered the future.

The gun is Dye is already famous for producing some of the best paintball guns on the market, but this one is their most efficient in air usage to date.  The extra efficiency translates to more power and accuracy.  The NT11 uses the Dye NT Boost Bolt is powered by a brand new faster processing circuit board to increase speed, power, and sure shots.  Yes, this gun uses a circuit board in the firing process, we did mention you were entering the future.

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