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Latest Gadget: Switch Plug Making Electrical Plugs Safer

Do you jump a little when you plug or unplug an electrical cord seeing the blue flash and crackling snap of an electrical spark?  Those little sparks are causing by working with a live electrical cord.  The Switch Plug from Jiang GonGlue is an interesting

iPhone 4 accessories Dot for iPhone

The Dot Give 360 Degree Hands-Free Photos on Your iPhone

Dot is a really cool add-on for your iPhone.  It gives you the ability to capture 360 degree panoramic videos and photographs completely hands-free.  You can even set your iPhone down and allow the Dot to continue recording while you enjoy dinner or the party. 

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Kitchen Gadgets: Maarten Baas Knife Block

Is Maarten Baas demented, crazy, weird, funny, or nearly perfect?  This gruesome, or wonderfully wicked, knife block from Maarten Baas may have you conjuring up visions of Hannibal Lector sitting quietly in his kitchen eating bits of fried brain.  (You did catch that scene?) Imagine

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AKG K3003 Reference Class 3-Way Earphones

Are you needing a little more from your earphones, or maybe a lot more?  The AKG K3003 earphones can satisfy your desire for high quality sound reproduction along with great comfort and style. The K3003 reference class earphones have a great look with their brushed

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iPhone 4 Stand Base by Marc Delmatto

Marc Delmatto has created a functional and impressive looking base for holding your iPhone.  Delmatto is known for his insistence in using plexiglass in virtually all of his designs and this iPhone 4 base exhibits his passion. It is created almost completely of plexiglass. 

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Nokia N9

The battle of the cell phone are at full force and Nokia is proving that they still got what it takes and unveils their latest sleek new smartphone – the N9. This model is equipped with a 4 inch AMOLED screen, 16GB or 64GB of

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Photofast USB Flash Drive

Photofast has introduced a dual flash drive that will help you transfer information from your iPhone, iPod or iPad with ease. The I-FlashDrive provides you with the ability to quickly plug-and-play to complete data transfers between your portable device and your computer. This gadget will

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Incase Flex Wristband

It is amazing how versatile the iPod Nano is. With this latest gadget from Incase – the Flex Wristband, your are able to turn your Nano into a fashionable and functional watch. The easy snap in feature allows you to securely hold your Nano into

UB3T Invictus Flashlight

Ever find yourself caught in a bad power failure? If so, the new UB3T Invictus flashlight by Surefire is your best bet to get you out of the dark. The Ub3T Invictus is an ultra high-output LED flashlight with selectable light levels. Choose between strobe,

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Stance iPad 2 Stand

I always thought of the iPad as a great car accessory. Safe if your the driver? Not really, but regardless, imagine having that huge screen right there in front of you playing your favorite movies. Now your iPad can go everywhere you go. Stance is