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Parrot ZIK Touch Control Wireless Headphones

parrot zik headphones

Your Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or an Android phone or tablet is all touch controlled. It is about time we had a touch controlled headset to go along with them. The ZIK by Parrot is packed with incredible touch and motion activated features which simplify your music listening experience.

How often have you been listening to a great song or watching a movie and someone started talking to you? You pull off your headphones, grab your device, and pause the action to listen. With the Parrot ZIK you skip 2 of those 3 actions. When you pull off the headphones they signal your device to pause. When you put them back on the ZIK tells your Apple or Android powered device to play again. That is just the start of the great features.

You adjust your volume by lightly tracing your finger in an upward motion on the headphones, or down to decrease volume. Those features are nice but the sound quality is even better. ZIK headphones are created to give you high quality sound through the entire audible range. ZIK even built a microphone into the headphones so you can use them as a wireless headset to make calls.

The Parrot ZIK headphones cost $399 through leading online retailers.

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