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PenMoto – Captures Your Pen

PenMoto - Gets your Pen

Are you ever frustrated trying to keep track of your ink pen or stylus while you use your PC at the same time?  You keep setting down the pen to type and then when you need to write something down you cannot spot it.  The PenMoto is a clever creation from the mind of Kevin Geis, of Draper Utah.

The PenMoto is a combination of a magnetic ring and holder for your pen or stylus.  Both pieces are adjustable in size to allow them to fit any man, woman, ink pen, or stylus. Instead of laying your stylus down to type you flip it over to the ring holder.  It stays at your fingertips ready for use but out of the way of your fingers for typing. The design is simple but highly effective. This is one of the coolest gadgets for all of us who keep misplacing our stylus and ink pen during a hectic day in the office.

PenMoto is a KickStarter project.  You can be one of the first to have a PenMoto by donating $15 or more to the project. Please support this incredible product!

Via KickStarter