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Pentax Q – Mini Camera

Pentax Q Pocket Camera

The Pentax Q may be come your favorite new camera.  This tiny camera measures only 3.9″ wide by 2.3′ tall, and a slim 1.2″ thick. The size alone is not what makes the camera special though.  This is a full-featured, replaceable lens, Digital SLR camera which is tiny. The camera is not skimpy on features either.  It boast a 12.4 MegaPixel CMOS Sensor.  The body is made from a magnesium alloy making it extremely tough.  It comes in two colors, black or white.  The camera can produce high quality video at 1080p with H.264 compression.

Even on this tiny body Pentax has managed to pack in a 3″ LCD screen.  You get all of the high quality of  DSLR camera, ease of use, high resolution, amazing video, and it is the size of a back of cigarettes. If you are ready to have one of the coolest gadgets in photography you need to be ready to turn over $799.95.

Can be bought at the Pentax Webstore