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Philips Fidelio L1 Headphones

philips fidelio l1 headphones

Extreme comfort and high-fidelity reproduction are the two major items most of us look for in headphones and is exactly what the Philips Fidelio L1 Headphones ($270) deliver. The starting point of the comfort is their weight. They are extremely lightweight for easy wearing. The band is encased in leather to make them even more comfortable.

The NeoDymium drivers are vented to improve sound quality and to allow your ears to breathe. The earcups are made from memory foam to make sure your ears are cradled in comfort while listening.

The Fidelio L1 headphones go over your ears to keep the sound quality high. The hardware is all formed from aluminum to reduce vibration and not create an annoying hum. The headphones are tuned for powerful bass and mid-range sound, but still score excellently in the higher sound ranges, too.