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Photograph the Moon with Astroclip iPhone 4 Accessory

Astroclip iPhone 4 Accessories

With the recent final launch of the Space Shuttle program, everyone is all about space and gazing into the stars. On that note, Kickstarter is featuring a project that can use all of our support if your in love with your iPhone 4 and want that extra modification to gaze into the heavens. The Astroclip is a camera enhancement add on for your iPhone 4, that allows you to attach yourself to any telescope with a 1.25 inch eyepiece. Clever, right? Tie your iPhone securely to your telescope with the help of 3 adjustable screws. Cool thing about this iPhone 4 accessory is that YOU to, can now take NASA-quality images and upload them to your facebook. The better your telescope, the more you can capture but who wouldn’t want this?

Astroclip iPhone 4 Accessories

Like every Kickstarter project, this one has set a goal of $15,000 so that Astroclip can be manufactured in the USA. Let’s help the movement and do our part and donate $25 and guarantee ourselves an Astoclip.

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