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Pico Miniature Aluminium Flash Drive

aluminium miniature usb flash drive

Smaller than a quarter. Under 3 grams in weight. Strong and powerful. Those descriptions barely start to give you a feel for this fantastic tiny USB 3.0 Flash Drive. The forged aluminum case is beautiful. The size is incredible. This USB drive needs to be hooked to your key ring so you do not lose it. At a size smaller than a quarter and weight just one-tenth of an ounce it would be easy to lose it from your pocket.

This is the kind of accessory men love. Useful. Powerful. Out of the way. We do not like things that fill our pockets with junk. We want small and effective and this drive hits those standards perfects. The tiny size and fabulous case come at a price The drive sells for $90 for a 16GB unit, a little higher than other drives, but then again, small is worth it.

aluminium miniature usb flash drive

aluminium miniature usb flash drive

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