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Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera

polaroid z340 instant digital camera

Polaroid’s old instant cameras were a huge success.  Everyone loved being able to click a picture and in just moments have a real picture in their hands to wave in the face of their unwitting victim. The Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera brings the fun back into our lives. With the Z340 will let you snap a picture and then print it out on the fly right from the camera.  It improves upon the old standard by being higher quality and allowing simple editing before you print the picture.

This is not a low grade camera with a cheap printer, but a high quality 14Megapixel camera which allows you to print out 3″x4″ borderless photographs without the use of a PC.  You can even add custom decorative borders for fun. The camera has a 2.7″ LCD screen to help with taking pictures and editing. The Z340 Instant Camera sells for $299.99 with added packs of paper selling for just $17.99 on Amazon.