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Portable Solar Battery Pack for iPhone

portable solar battery pack iphone

Do you always seem to run out of power for your iPhone at the worst possible moment? It is a problem we all battle. The portable solar battery pack keychain for your iPhone is quick solution to the issue. You can keep the small rechargeable battery charged up by leaving it sitting out in the sun or under the bright office lights. When you need that quick charge just grab it out of your pocket and plug it into your phone.

The keychain battery pack comes in 3 colors, a vivid pink, bright yellow, and a subtle black and white combo. This battery is not compatible with the iPhone 5, but does work with all other models. The charger has 500maH batteries built-in. You can recharge the batteries with a USB connection if the sun is not out. These fun little chargers are priced at only $15.

Via Fancy