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Power Bar with Removable Battery To Charge Your Devices On The Go

power bar removable battery

How many different power bars do you have in your home? Do you have a portable battery charger for your iPhone, Samsung, or other smartphone? Do you have a separate power bar for USB charging? The ingenious folks at Quirky have come up with an incredible solution, their new Pickup Power Energize Anywhere power bar. The power bar has the standard AC power outlets you need for plugging in your laptop, AC chargers, and other devices, but it doesn’t stop there.

Quirky added in 3 USB power ports so you can charge all of your USB devices on the fly, even when you are using your laptop in another part of the house. Then to make the deal even better, the built-in a removable battery pack that charges in the power bar that you can remove and take on the road with you for emergency power for your phone, portable media player, or other USB powered devices. Finally, someone understands we have limited space on our desktop and need a power solution that does it all.

The device was just recently approved for production by Quirky and is not on the shelves quite yet, but expect it very soon. Final pricing has not been announced by Quirky does want your feedback. If you visit their site listed below you can give Quirky input on what the right price point is for the product. Hurry up and vote so you can grab your Quirky Pickup Power Energize Anywhere at the price you want.

power bar removable battery

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