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Proximo, Proximity Monitoring System

kensington proximo

Kensington has released a new product you want and need. The Proximo can save you money and avoid frustration. The Proximo is a proximity monitoring system that integrates to an app on your iPhone. Here is where the magic starts. You attach a small proximity tag on your iPhone. You carry a small receiver with you. If you get up and leave you iPhone on a table at a cafe and head for the door an alarm goes off reminding you about the phone you left behind. That is only half the magic.

The second portion is the additional proximity markers you can buy to put in your car, with your laptop, or other valuables. When you misplace an item, or are trying to find your car in the parking lot, you just pull out your iPhone and use the app to pin point the location of the item. You will never struggle trying to find those things again. Your proximity markers can be set to trigger alarms, too. If you start to walk away from your laptop bag an alarm rings. A great way to protect your personal belongings for less than $50.



Via Bless This Stuff and Amazon