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Recoiling Wall Socket

recoiling socket

How often do you pull out an extension cord to get a little more reach for your vacuum cleaner or some other device? You go to the closet, unroll it, plug it in, do the job, unplug it, roll it up, and put it away. Are you tired just reading that?¬†Meysam Movahedi’s clever mind came up with a design that ends all of that trauma. His Rambler Wall Socket has the extension cord built-in. A recoiling 6 foot extension cord is hidden inside the wall plate. You just squeeze the sides of the plug, pull it out to the length you need, and start using it. When you are finished, just give it a little tug and it recoils back inside the wall plate. with the standard outlet ready to use.

The idea is fantastic, but so far it has not hit the mainstream market. Let us know what you think about this cool concept.




Via YankoDesign