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Self-Balancing iPad Robot

Self-Balancing Double iPad Robot

Double Robotics is  taking us on a major leap forward in the use of personal robotics combined with personal electronics. The Double is a robotic set of wheels and controls for your iPad. You mount an iPad on the upright arm and then navigate the gyroscopic balancing robot around rooms, into meetings, and anywhere you need it to go. It gives you the ability to engage in a live meeting even when you cannot be there. This innovative product may quickly become a hit at conventions, sales meetings, and events for team members who cannot attend. You assign them a Double Robotic system with an iPad and let them interact using voice, video, and freedom of movement with live attendees. They can even follow along as attendees walk down the hall for lunch or for break out sessions.

Imagine the applications for sick students, employees on leave, or temporarily disabled personnel.

An amazing innovation with real world uses for both business and home. The Double Robotic iPad system sells for $2499.



Via HiC and Double Robotics