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Semi-Transparent Frosted Black Glass iPhone Panel

Best iPhone 4 Case Frosty Glass Back Panel

Owning an iPhone is already a choice in style and added function. Personalizing the look is just the next step in defining your own cool look.  This semi-transparent frosted black glass case for the iPhone is one sure way to make your phone stand out.

While the first function of this panel is to make your phone look cool, it does serve another very utilitarian purpose.  It helps protect the surface of your iPhone reducing all of those annoying little scratches phone accumulate over time.

Frosty Glass Back Panel for iPhone 4

The frosted glass is scratch resistant and with the matte finish avoids showing off your fingerprints.  The panel is easy to add to your phone and just as easy to remove, which is very important.  You never know when you will be ready to upgrade to the next new version of iPhone since Apple does not seem ready to rest.

Frosty Glass Back Panel for iPhone 4

The frosted panel is designed to cover the back of your iPhone obscuring all of those hideous looking labels.  You will enjoy the new look of your phone.