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Shower Tunes Shower Curtain Speakers

shower tunes speaker system curtain

Do you love to sing in the shower? Ever wish you could have your collection of songs or videos playing while you were in the shower and have easy control of the system? Shower Tunes from Hedaya Home Fashions lets you enjoy your favorite tunes without worrying about damaging your gear. Your iPad, iPhone. Android device, or other media player drops into a protective pocket on the exterior of the curtain and plugs into the controls and speakers built-in to the curtain. You get great sounding music or can watch videos while you take your shower with almost zero risk to your devices.

The Shower Tunes curtain is available through Amazon for $39.99 which is not much more than a standard shower curtain. Get you playlists ready so you can start singing loudly in the shower with your own Shower Tunes curtain.

Via Amazon