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Smartphone-to-Smartphone Charging Jumper Cables

smartphone charging jumper cables

What do you do when your car battery is dead in a parking lot? You pull out the jumper cables and grab a little juice from a friendly driver. Have you ever considered if you could do the same thing for your mobile phone? The answer is yes! With the the new Smartphone-to-Smartphone charging jumper cables you can plug two Android phones together to steal a little juice to revive your dead Droid. Yes, you are reading that right. The Apple crowd is left out in the cold, no jumper cables for them are on the horizon. The cables have been tested on a wide variety of Android phones, but the company makes no guarantees it works on all Android phones.

This clever idea is a good backup plan, but just remember, the other person’s phone needs to have a good charge to be any use. The Jumper Cable sells on Geek Stuff 4U for $15.30.



Via Geek Stuff 4U