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Sony DEV-5 Digital Recordable Binoculars with 3D

Sony DEV-5 Digital Recordable Binoculars

Imagine taking your binoculars to an NFL game, watching the action with stunning quality, and then capturing the biggest play in HD video, but not only in simple 2D, but complete 3D action.  The Sony DEV-5 binoculars are not your standard pair of optical enhancers, they are a seriously powerful action recording system. The DEV-5 sports dual G Lens Optics to give you extraordinary viewing and outstanding recordings.  The binoculars can shoot video with a 10X optical zoom when you are shooting 2D video and up to 5.4X when grabbing 3D shots. 

The DEV-5 makes it easy to keep track of where you shot your video, too.  It includes a GPS receiver.  Output your video through a HDMI interface.  The Sony DEV-5 uses SteadyShot stabilization to make sure your videos are shake free even when you zoom into capture the image up close. The included rechargeable battery can power you through 3 hours of recording, enough time to capture a full football game or your child’s school performance. The DEV-5 carries a price tag of $1999.00.

Via Uncrate, you can grab a pair from the Sony Style Shop