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Sushi USB Flash Drives

sushi usb flash drives

Do you want to create complete confusion in  your office? Get a little Styrofoam takeout box from a Sushi bar, drop on one of these ultra-cool Sushi USB Flash Drives, and head back to the office. Imagine the look on co-workers faces as you pull out your Sushi for lunch and cram it into the USB slot on your computer. They are going to think you lost your mind, but in reality you are just using a high-quality flash drive with a uniquely fishy appearance.

The Sushi USB drives come in a variety of your favorite Sushi varieties with sizes of 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB. Prices start at just $27 and even the 32GB is reasonably priced at $62.  The only problem with these drives is the hunger pains they may create when you need to work through lunch or pull some late night overtime hours.

Via The USB World